Eggs Datacenter - a new unexplored territory
of Edge Computations

Thanks to the distributed systems we are able to sort out several
issues of centralised computations
lower price
Because we don't spend so much on infrastructure as ordinary data centers do.
fewer latency
Because our servers are located in every city — "10 meters" far from you literally
fewer risks
Because we control routers, have 6 users on a server and encrypt data
We try to make better, not to destroy
Pay as you go
We implement billing service which let you
pay for what you really used
Cryptocurrency friendly
Distributed data center prefers decentralised
system of payments
Blockchain to enhance security
We save DNS records, SSL certificates and public
SSH keys in blockchain to extract locally
Control and support 24/7
We work worldwide thats why we are available
24/7 in Telegram/WhatsApp
With the speed of light
We install servers near you and use high speed
internet connections
Clever serves
Our servers are fully independent from each other,
with different mix of containers and VMs

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