CryptoVault — encrypted cloud for saving and protecting your
cryptocurrency wallets

Your vault is 120GB bank cell for all your wallets.
Secure than online. Cheaper than hardware.

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CryptoVault - easy way to use Bitcoin and stay safe
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Cold wallet
Cold vault for wallets
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Hot wallet - all cryptocurrency wallet that is connected to the internet. Hot wallets are considered far less secure than cold storage since they can be hacked easier due to their connectivity.

Cold wallet - wallet is stored offline and it is much more secure. They less susceptible to theft.

Cold vault is like a bank cell. Most time it is stored without internet connection, and when you want to withdraw you savings, a highly guarded way to your vault appear.
Can you protect your funds from wallet manufacturer or hosting provider?
Can you start use wallet just in five minutes? if yes it is fast. If you have to make an order and wait for months - it is not fast.
Are you able to access your wallet via internet worldwide?
is it difficult to break your wallet and get all you funds?
Is your funds physically defended like in bank cell? If not you wallet might be physically stolen or just lost.
Do you have an opportunity to maintain the same security level using different wallets?
Is this wallet designed for non technical people as well?
Can transactions be hidden from your identity?
How CryptoVault works
Create account and obtain EmerSSL
Start 120GB vault and install wallet
Launch full wallet
in 2 minutes

Disconnect from the web after using
We guarantee full protection from
Growing number of threats with cryptocurrencies
Middle-man attack
Nobody can masquerade to stole you data between you
and server as we implement blockchain SSL certificate which is much more safer than traditional one.
Compromised DNS
You use our servers as a gateway to avoid
compromising your connection via fake DNS
records and zones in you browser.
Loss, theft or destruction of wallet
Every time you use vault we maintain 3 copies of you vault and save it 3 different servers in 3 different locations worldwide. It couldn't be lost.
Spyware, malware and viruses
In real time we filter all web traffic in HTTP, HTTPS,
FTP, SMTP and POP3 protocols. We also maintain online database with existing Bitcoin malware
Unauthorized vault access
We use Full Disk Encryption (FDE) and File Level Encryption (FLE) to encrypt you vault on the air than nobody can watch your data. Even we are.
Software errors and flows
To archive extra protection we test all software
on bugs and threats. Just after that you can find
it pre-installed in you vault.
Who should care about security using Bitcoin?
Mobile and Mac users
To run fully protected wallet you need to download 120 GB of blockchain database.
If you haven't space - use CryptoVault.
Long Term Investors
If you saved up some Bitcoins for pension you'll be surprised find you wallet crashed some day. To avoid hacks - run CpytoVault.
Traders and miners
Everyday you trade Bitcoins. And should be sure - you wallet is under protection.
FAST & FREE plan tailored for you.
Prices for those who care about defense
Fast & Free
for traders
Long Term
for miners/users

Year Term
for investors
Bitcoin and Altcoin Vault
With blockchain preloaded
Blockchain SSL and DNS
Authority & records protection
Traffic filtration
Viruses protection
Technical support 24/7
Vault state saving ?
State protection
Three vault replicas
Wallet loss protection
File and disk encryption
Access protection






To gain additional level of security after using your vault we disconnect it from the web and keep it saved and encrypted inside our distributed data centre. When you return next time you will be able to recover you vault in 2 minutes and it will be delivered to you from the nearest server.
We welcome your anonymity.
But we tend to be well-known otherwise.
Our transparency is vital for your defend
Distributed network under control
No big centralised data centres. No high density servers.
Just encrypted worldwide distributed machines under full control.
Legal agreements with customers
All coins are decentralised. Nobody guarantee you nothing.
Except us. We take care of your wallet security and anonymity.
Cryptocurrency friendly
We maintain our infrastructure for USD. But tend to implement payments in BTC, ETH, EMC etc.
Contact us
+1 965 288 99 76
Loft Pineapple, 22 Pink Street, New York
Are you going to start using Bitcoins and
concern about security?
Please leave us your contact and we will send you full research of flaws and vulnerabilities
of existing hardware and online wallets
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